Simple and modern investment infrastructure

Our platform is built to support any potential investment use-case. We've integrated with the industry's leading vendors and exchanges to give you access to the thousands of tradable symbols, all through a normalised interface.

TradeCore deals with complex regulatory frameworks so you can focus on building the best user experience and nurturing relationships with your clients.

Setup steps

  • Select the symbols you would like to trade
  • Chose exchanges and market data vendors
  • Trade all through a single interface
  • Stand out with our power trading features


Real-time prices

Tap into the leading market-data-feed providers and distribute the real-time or delayed market prices to your client base.

Margin trading

Configure margin rules for your clients and give them more flexibility with their cash. Monetise with interest-like fees.

Dollar-based trading

Remove prohibitive investment barriers for expensive symbols and let your clients build a diverse portfolio with fractions of shares.

Post-trade settlement

The post-trade settlement let your clients skip the waiting period and make the investments while their deposits are still processed.

Corporate activity

Handle corporate events, such as IPOs, dividends, splits and delisting with ease and propagate them to the client portfolio.

Reference data

Enable your clients to learn about the symbols and make investment decisions with our rich symbol reference data.