Activity stream

A timeline of all activity in your system, including what your contacts are up to, as well as any communications

Contact profile

A full overview of all contact-related data and activity. Take a look at what they've been up to, and reach out to them directly from their profile.

Transactions and payments

All transactional and payment data is recorded and stored. Fully filterable data tables provide bird's-eye view, and overview pages offer more insight.

Contact segments

Behavioral segments allow you to tap into niche audiences, make use of contact attributes, native and integrated data.

Marketing campaigns

Put contact segments to use - reach out with targeted campaigns through multiple communication channels. Track success rate with campaign goals.

Automation rules

Eliminate mundane tasks. Automate any action within the system, so your team can focus on what's important. Your processes are still in place, but are handled for you.

Earn, and save

Infuse is there to help you with both increasing revenue, and minimizing costs. Allow your team to focus on actions that lead to conversions and automate the rest.

  • Create behavioral segments and target the right audiences
  • Create campaigns with a goal in mind
  • Personalize communication with clients based on gathered information
  • Automate mundane tasks
  • Minimize context switching by keeping all communication in one place
  • Quick and easy setup – no need for external help to aid in setup process
  • Have a CDP that's already tailored for a financial business, no need to make your own
  • Out of the box integration with the rest of TradeCore Platform

Enterprise Ready


Financial data models are what Infuse is built for. No data is left behind.


Bring in the data from multiple sources and put it to work.

Enterprise security

Security is paramount. That's why Infuse comes with advanced security features like SSO/SAML authentication.

Audit logs

Detailed overview of activity in your system allows you to be on top of the actions taken.

Granular access rights

Role based access rights and contact groups are there to limit what users can see, and do.


We have SLAs in place for our enterprise customers. Get timely support and help from experts.