Digital banking

Complete banking tool stack

Our combination of advanced technology and regulatory infrastructure is all you need to launch a digital bank for both retail and business use cases. Issue an Euro or a Pound Sterling bank account with a single API call, giving you access to the payment schemes such as SEPA and Faster Payments. Our built-in compliance capabilities take care of all KYC, AML and CFT requirements to get new users set up fast.

Setup steps

  • Open business and consumer digital bank accounts
  • Issue IBANs
  • Accept payments through various schemes
  • Automate your payout process with minimum fees


Issue IBANs

Create GBP and EUR bank accounts with identifiers.

Payment processing

Process payments rapidly via SEPA and FPS networks.

Transaction monitoring

Monitor for AML/CFT and fraud in real time.

Currency conversion

Easily convert assets held in different wallets.

Multicurrency accounts

Support any asset required.

Transaction control

Configure real-time rules to enforce policies.