Institutional-level crypto solution

Our platform lets you work with cryptocurrencies in a fully automated and compliant manner. Our battle-tested solution handles all common cryptocurrency pitfalls so you can enjoy the benefits of this rising asset class. We're continuously monitoring the latest technology advancements to bring you an institutional-level crypto experience.

Setup steps

  • Choose the coins you want to support
  • Accept and initiate crypto payouts and monitor transactions.
  • Let us worry about the custody and AML transaction monitoring
  • Execute trades directly with the market maker


Crypto deposits

Initiate crypto deposit by generating the deposit address. Once the network acknowledges the payment, we'll update client balance.

Crypto payouts

You and your clients can seamlessly and securely make crypto payouts to the desired destination with the multi-signature approval process.

Market-maker liquidity

Enjoy the seamless crypto trading, suitable for any order side, directly against the market maker, at the competitive price.

Transaction monitoring

Monitor crypto payments, and prevent transactions from/to suspicious sources. Stay compliant with the AML/CFT legislation.

Hot & cold storage

Safely store digital assets in our partner's vault and enjoy the peace of mind of the cold storage with the convenience of a hot wallet.

Security & insurance

You can rest assured with our regularly pen-tested enterprise-ready platform and the unprecedented insurance policy.