Issue your own virtual and physical cards

Create, distribute and manage physical and virtual cards for individual and business accounts. Our advanced infrastructure, robust funding options, and spending rules unlock the full potential of card payments. TradeCore's infrastructure is the only capital investment you'll need to make to launch your card program.

Setup steps

  • Build a program suitable for your business case
  • Create and distribute white-labeled virtual and physical cards
  • Set granular spending and usage rules
  • Monitor card activity and spending


White-labeled cards

Launch custom-tailored card products with your own branding and design. Allow your customers to hold such cards in their pockets and be the best ambassadors of your brand.

Consumer & corporate programs

Target your customers with Consumer card products or launch Corporate product for your business needs. With Corporate card products, you can easily manage your business spending.

Virtual cards

With the recent development in the card payment industry due to Covid-19, more and more customers use online payments. Virtual cards are perfect for any kind of online payments.

Spending rules

You can set flexible spending rules to limit card spending where the user spends, how much the user spends, how much the user spends at a specific merchant or category of merchants.

PCI compliance

Through our secure platform, you get the necessary infrastructure for managing sensitive card's data. TradeCore takes care of regulatory requirements needed to operate in the card payment ecosystem.

Card funding sources

Access various funding options for the cards issued via TradeCore platform, including instant payment rails such as SEPA, Faster payments supported through our Digital Banking module.