TradeCore Platform

Full-stack FinTech solutions to reduce complexity, save time and make innovation easy

Core benefits of the TradeCore Platform

One Stop Shop

One contract. One service. Simple, effective, and easy to build on.

No Build Complexity

Standardised APIs across multiple FinTech providers, so you have more time to focus on building your USP.

Reduced Time-To-Market

Streamline coding time and cut complexity to get your product out fast.

Reduced CAPEX

Flexible licensing for a customer or production ready solution.

Regulatory License Sponsorship

KYC, AML and all necessary compliance taken care of by TradeCore.

Access to Premium Ecosystem

Bespoke-tier services and support without the high prices.

Features by sector


Access industry-leading data vendors with our asset-class agnostic trading interface.

Real-time prices

Margin trading

Corporate actions

Dollar base trading

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Issue your own Mastercard® virtual and physical cards with compliance made easy.

Tailor cards to fit your business

Advanced card spending limits

Full card lifecycle management built-in

Customisable fee structure for optimal monetisation

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Digital Banking

Make the most of Open Banking without making more work for your team.

Issue IBANs

Transaction monitoring

Various payment rails

Real-time payments

Suitable for any FinTech use case

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Automate and secure cryptocurrency dealings with full
regulatory compliance.

Crypto trading

Transaction monitoring

Crypto payments


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Optimise digital account opening strategy and create a modern onboarding experience.

Fully customisable onboarding flows

Real-time identity checks (PEPs, sanctions, credit checks and more)

Pre-defined compliance workflows

Choice of the underlying KYC vendor at competitive prices

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Use the info you already have in innovative ways to maximise ROI
per customer.

Multi-source data aggregation

Centralised communication hub

Behavioural segments

Extensive automation


Let TradeCore deal with your regulatory and compliance responsibilities

Battle tested compliance framework across key jurisdictions

Faster time-to-market

Safeguarding of user funds by the Bank of England

Standardised AML processes

Trusted by

Developer focused

Built by developers, for developers. API-based technology allows you to create your applications on top of our powerful financial tools.

Secure by design

Security is paramount. TradeCore Platform comes with enterprise-grade MFA, secure storage and backup, audit log and strict internal access controls as standard.

Built for big businesses

Unlike other solutions, TradeCore Platform is able to handle massive amounts of data at scale, empowering industry titans to take their business to the next level.

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