Discover how we've launched crypto payment processor in less than three months

How OrbPay Decreased Time to Market by estimated 4 months to just 3 weeks.


After identifying the market gap for affordable, accessible crypto payment processing, we needed to move swiftly. Initial assessments exposed a series of challenges we need to solve before launching a compliant solution. The key challenges were:

  • Compliance ​- To operate compliantly, we needed to perform the identification of our clients and screen them against the PEPs and Sanctions lists.
  • Banking Infrastructure ​- Our initial research has shown that we need to go through a comprehensive audit process before we can set up banking infrastructure.
  • Payment Processing & Custody ​- With high projected volumes, our product was likely cyberattacks target, so we needed to be extra cautious about how we process incoming payments and how we keep the deposited coins.
  • Crypto Liquidity ​- To be competitive and to offer our customer best value, we needed a vendor capable of exchanging high volumes of crypto at the best prices and with low margin.

We've realized that if we want to move quickly and meet the set deadlines, we need to find off-the-shelf solutions for some of the system components. Then, the time and resource-consuming navigation through the complex and fast-moving vendor landscape started. Our business development and engineering team started evaluating the available solutions, followed by exhausting commercial negotiation.

That's where TradeCore came in...

We were excited to find a vendor that may help us with several challenges through a single integration. During the demo, it became apparent that the platform successfully solves most of the challenges we have.  

Workshops that followed helped us to understand better regulatory requirements and how to build compliant and optimal flows. TradeCore offered us it's premium partnership network with appealing commercials. With commercial discussion underway, TradeCore has set us up with a sandbox account, helping our engineers to assess the integration.  

TradeCore Customer Data Platform (Infuse) came as a cherry on the top of the new partnership, enabling the OrbPay sales and marketing departments to optimize its client acquisition and lead conversion.

The Result

When we have fully understood the scope of the complaint and reliable solution, our estimated timeline spanned to four quarters, which implied high costs that were hard for us to justify and ensure positive Net Present Value (NPS) in the fast-moving market. Once we discovered that we could build on top of the platform that has most of the infrastructure ready to be consumed - our estimates dropped significantly

TradeCore Platform has reduced our projected time to market by 80%. Two months after the first contact with the TradeCore, we've successfully processed the first Bitcoin payment.

Shortly afterwards, we've acquired more customers, including publicly traded companies. The TradeCore Platform stays ahead of our needs, helping us to operate efficiently. Newly developed features, such as Bitcoin Transaction Monitoring has allowed us to track the source of the incoming payments, enabling us to manage transaction risk and combat illicit activities on the blockchain, making our product more appealing for the enterprise customers. Nowadays, we measure the volumes of funds processed in millions of euros.


The OrbPay team has gathered around the idea to enable businesses to expand globally by offering Bitcoin as a payment option. ‘We wanted to create a product that would effectively deal with common risks and pitfalls associated with the crypto payment processing, such as complex setup, volatility and regulatory uncertainty and allow merchants to accept Bitcoins, sell it and get fiat currency to the bank account.’ ‘Additionally, we thought that flexible conversion rules and full custody solution would allow merchants to keep Bitcoins without security and operational overhead as an extra value of the product, going after.’

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