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TradeCore’s full-stack technology platform reduces the complexity and time to market needed to launch next generation fintech propositions.

The complete Fintech
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Speed to market

Fintech is the hardest sector to launch a startup with huge market barriers and massive ecosystem complexity. TradeCore offers a new infrastructure layer to innovate and increase speed to market.

Ecosystem complexity

New fintech startups face a new build versus buy conundrum with every component of their proposition. It’s unsustainable for the industry to continue trying to juggle it all, that’s why TradeCore provides full stack solution.


Compliance is a huge challenge for fintech businesses. Managing requirements for onboarding and KYC at scale and across territories puts an unsustainable burden on emerging organisations.

Using data to power performance

There are hundreds of data touchpoints in every transaction. This data has lain dormant, underused and underutilised, until now.

“The ability of TradeCore platform to easily ingest a new KYC vendor of our choice and use the rest of their premium ecosystem brought value for Honesto and dramatically shifted our focus from the ecosystem to our value proposition and our customers.”
Sanela Lüscher

Honesto’s CEO

“We have very stringent deadlines to launch our remittance app. TradeCore platform seamed like the only achievable path to enable us to transfer money across territories and issue cards with granular spending control.”
Masa Madden

PlatoMoney’s CEO

“TradeCore is the true backbone of our product. It’s significantly reduced our time to market, meaning we can launch our product in weeks, instead of the 6-9 months that’s typical for an EMI application. The platform also takes on the compliance burden, giving us a huge growth advantage and letting us move much faster. Building on the TradeCore platform has allowed us to focus completely on what makes our product standout; and on our mission to disrupt the mobile investment and banking space.”
Rodrigo Garza

FlexInvest’s CEO

“TradeCore platform ecosystem has embedded liquidity providers for crypto which made our life so much easier.” CEO

Aleksandar Matanovic

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Take the apps you use today, then add TradeCore

Our platform-agnostic tech allows for easy integration with the apps that are already part of your flow.

Developer focused

Built by developers, for developers. API-based technology allows you to create your applications on top of our powerful financial tools.

Secure by design

Security is at the core of our technology philosophy. Enhanced security with two-factor authentication, secure storage and backup for robust disaster recovery, and strict internal access controls comes as standard.

Built for the enterprise

The ability to support massive amounts of data at scale sets TradeCore apart in the financial sector. We build systems for industry titans, and empower them to take their business even further.

The complete Fintech toolkit for your company


Get to building your FinTech value proposition 10x faster. Take care of your customers, and TradeCore platform will take care of the rest.

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