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Build the future of Fintech

TradeCore’s full-stack technology platform reduces the complexity and time to market needed to launch next generation fintech propositions.

The complete Fintech toolkit for your company

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Take the apps you use today, then add TradeCore

Our platform-agnostic tech allows for easy integration with the apps that are already part of your flow.

Developer focused

Built by developers, for developers. API-based technology allows you to create your applications on top of our powerful financial tools.

Secure by design

Security is paramount. TradeCore Platform comes with enterprise-grade MFA, secure storage and backup, audit log and strict internal access controls as standard.

Built for big businesses

Unlike other solutions, TradeCore Platform is able to handle massive amounts of data at scale, empowering industry titans to take their business to the next level.

The complete Fintech toolkit for your company

Get to building your FinTech value proposition 10x faster. Take care of your customers, and TradeCore platform will take care of the rest.

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An innovative, cloud-based solution that scales with your enterprise. BrokerIQ provides custom features to grow your network, enhance workflows, monetise your customers and nurture your business.

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